" We are clay molded by the flames, hoping we don’t crack or burn. There is no Heaven or Hell, just God hoping his clay is crafted to perfection. Evil perfects us here on Earth. Good perfects us here in the Universe." - Jason J. Burden
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I have faith. Faith that I will fulfill all my promises, my debts.
Believe you can change the world, and you will. You will because you change yourself.

When you change yourself you change a variable in the large equation that is life.

So change. Embrace the factors that change around you, evolve, and adapt.

Make your place. Break your haze.

Stray and see where it leads you.

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Wake me up from my grave. Raise me from the soil. Hold me from falling again.
Take me away from my grave.
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One step at a time, closer and closer. One step closer, slower and slower. One step slower, torture and torture. Contact. Bliss
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It is worth the time and effort. Don’t back down and make it count. So many things rely on seeing this through. Lets turn on the music, tune out the noise, and saddle up. Ride on the emotion, ignore the voices, and let yourself shout out. Let your heart hear you and hook it out from that dark void.

Without this, you can’t control the inferno. Without this, you can’t contain the wildfires.

It is worth the time and effort. You find yourself by defining.

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"I tell everyone my secrets" -!/preschoolgems

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